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Fish Carburetor model M2 and Fish Carburetor model BDB

Three Fish Carburetors on a Ford Flathead Engine, equipped with an "Ardun" overhead valve conversion kit.
At Exhibition Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the early 1950s.

Fish Carburetor Corp, Florida.

This is the Fish Carburetor Corp. modified stock that Glenn "Fireball" Roberts raced on the beach course.
This track was the north stretch up the beach around a "cut in" westerly corner, then south, being a "parallel to the beach" city road backstretch of the track, then around another "cut in" easterly corner back to the beach. This was the unbanked Daytona Beach Racetrack, which later gave way to the Daytona Speedway.

Daytona Beach - This picture is a fan jaunt driving south on the beach previous to race day, about five cars abreast.

Some of the pit area at the south end of the track.

Production line of Fish carburetors in Daytona Beach, Florida about the time the U.S. Post Office was returning all Fish carburetor orders to the senders with "fraudulent" stamped on their order. The Post Office claimed there were no carburetors actually being produced.

Canadian patent application

Parts of a Fish Carburetor as illustrated in the 1957 US Patent

170K image of patent drawing

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