Specifications and Performance of Electric Miata

The popular Miata has been adpated into a battery powered, energy efficient prototype vehicle designed to meet the stringent environmental standards of the future. Powered by sixteen 12-volt, mickel-cadmium batteries, this environmentall friendly vehicle delivers its power by a 30-kilowatt AC motor which, in turn, drives the rear wheels through the stock five-spped manual transmission.

Overall Dimensions, inches (millimetres)
Overall length 156.3 (3970)
Overall width 65.9 (1675)
Overall height 47.6 (1210)
Vehicle Weight, pounds (kilograms)
3109 (1410)
Performance, mph (km/h)
Maximum Speed 80 (130)
Acceleration 0-25 (40)/4.2 sec.
0-60 (100)/21.5 sec.
Range 93.8 miles (150 km) @ 40 mph (60 km/h)
Type AC Motor
Rated Output/volt/hr 30kW/180V/1h
Control System Transistor
Type Nickel Cadmium
Related capacity/volt 100Ah/5h 12V
Quantity 16 (12 mounted in trunk,
4 mounted under hood)
Total Voltage 192 V