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Orlando Boni Announces Semi Retirement
Date: Sunday, May 16 @ 21:40:17
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I would like to begin by telling you we are still here, we may not be making our “puck shooting  machines” anymore, but we have not left you with an orphan.

We are still servicing machines and selling parts for you that need them. Also from time to time we will have refurbished  machines for sale, so if you are looking for one send us an e-mail. We will keep you on file and  when one is available we will let you know.  

As you can see from our history page we have been in this business for a long time (over 50  years). We started out a young couple with two pre teen kids. We have gone from there to be  an old couple with two adult grandchildren.

Our time has come to retire and we find with all  the happenings of the last few years it is not always possible to hand a business down or to  sell it. Because this was our own invention & our dream it is not easy to just walk away from it. 

Also we don’t want to leave people without any backup if they should need service or parts.  So to make Orlando happy we are calling it semi retirement & he can always be available for  verbal mechanical assistance or to just talk about his love for goaltending. 
I would like to get back to one important thing with regards to the “puck shooting machines”, these machines will run forever (we would like to think) but they do need service once in  awhile.

A little bit of a clean up and some greasing on all grease fittings of all mechanical  components & oil all frictional moving parts from time to time will help them greatly. 
-Puck shooting wheel importance-
The most important thing to remember is the driving wheels that shoot the puck out, they do  wear down and need to be recored after much use. So when you notice the speed of the puck  slowing down it is probably time to have the wheels recored.

Check the wheels for worn  rubber or pieces of rubber torn off & also check to see if the rubber is hard. If you find either of  these things wrong with the wheels they need to be recored. So what you do then is get in  touch with us and we will help you diagnose this problem. Or best yet send us some photos of  the wheels and we probably can tell from that.

When it is determined you need the wheels  done we can instruct you how you can remove them and send them back to be recored. At  that time we can give you a price on having this service done.

Remember, your puck speed  relies on the quality of the wheels. Upon completion of the changing of the wheels, you will be  happy with the performance of your machine providing there are no problems with the rest of  the machine.  

There are machines out as old as 45 years old that are still running, (who is driving a 45 year  old car) We are trying to appeal to the owners of some machines that are in garages, storage  units and other places that are not being used. THIS HURTS US, if you are the owner of a  puck machine in this situation, get it out check it over and let’s get it running again.
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