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What, BGT on YouTube!
Date: Friday, May 11 @ 13:01:03
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"Showdown 1 on 1" demo video

OK, It took us a while but we've posted our first video on YouTube. We used to post a few videos years ago on our site but due to bandwidth costs and the strange places they kept popping up in we stopped (long story). We've started with our "Showdown 1 on 1" demo video. While the video is not DVD quality this does allow us to reach more customers (We'll still ship you a high quality version if you ask us nicely.)

Here's the description of the video. "High quality hockey shooting training system. Teaching accuracy in a realistic hockey environment. Notice how the shooter is wearing his full equipment including skates, this maintains the proper center of gravity or balance that standing to the floor does not provide. You play hockey on your skates and you should train on your skates. This is a quality Boni product made to the same standards that have made us world famous for over thirty five years."

If you have an YouTube account subscribe to us as we are planning to post more and to dig in our video vault for the classics of the past. Anyone know how to transfer from Sony 3/4" tape?

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