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Showdown One on One and Rapid Range

The Showdown One on One is the newest member of our professional shooting range line. Perfect for entertainment and serious shooter training facilities.

For entertainment: select automatic mode for a game of “hit the target”. One target is lit after the puck is fired, every correct hit moves the target and flashes the lights to indicate a goal.

To train hockey players: regulation pucks can be fired at higher speed and rapid rates. The coach also chooses which target is lit, challenge players or train away weaknesses.

The Showdown One on One is based on our proven "Petti Puck - Puck Passer" model and includes a specialized version of the Accuracy Lights with sensor targets, mounted on our folding net and a four button remote control. Check out our History Page for the origins of automated hockey shooting system and Showdown.

Close up of 1on1 Target

  • The Showdown One on One is a complete entertainment or training system
  • Puck Passer shoots either regulation pucks or soft sponge pucks
  • Puck Passer can be moved to either side of the net to about ten feet away
  • Can be set up in minutes on any flat surface including an ice rink
  • Specialized Rapid Range available for permanent installations
  • Can be used with our Plastic Ice for "Skates On" training.
  • Easy to operate, quick to install or move
  • Targets are 12" diameter, 10" and 8" available for advanced and expert training
  • Low maintenance rugged construction, the Boni tradition
  • Some locations (eg. video arcades) may require upgrading to our noise rejection remote control system or our corded remote control unit. Please check with us for costs.


Download Rapid-Range and Showdown 1 on 1 Catalog

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